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Fuel Your Life is proud to announce recent sponsorship of the University of the Sunshine Coast’s elite netball team, Sunshine Coast Lightning.

As a female-dominated company (in a predominantly female industry) that began right here on the Sunshine Coast, we could not see a more fitting partnership for our team. Being the first time that a dietetics organisation has partnered with an elite sporting team, it is our mission to change the pace for the dietetics industry and truly highlight the value of a dietitian, in the context of performance in elite sport.

2020 has been a challenging year for athletes in Australia. Beyond sport and sponsorship, the overhaul on physical and mental health throughout isolation has become a pinnacle message across ALL industries throughout the year. That is why it is important to highlight the synergy between these two high-achieving organisations – both actively promoting health and wellbeing in the broader community.

Fuel Your Life has a keen interest in improving the athletic and mental performance of individuals and sports teams across Australia, beginning with Sunshine Coast Lightning.  The impact on professional sports and the role of the athletes as influencers is important and valuable leadership.  Fuel Your Life intends to support and affect these behaviours, conversations and inform the next generation of athletes.

Fuel Your Life’s Managing Director, Tyson Tripcony said, “Personally, local sport has been a big part of my life on the Sunshine Coast, and having lived here my whole life I have a sense of pride being able to support Lightning, the players like Laura, everything they stand for and the community that surrounds them.”

Fuel Your Life’s branding now takes up real estate on Centre, Laura Langman’s netball dress (pictured below).

Our partnership Sunshine Coast Lightning is the first of what Fuel Your Life hopes to be a longstanding position in sports performance and nutrition. Stay tuned on the latest updates on our Who We Work With page.

Watch the announcement video at this link

For all enquiries, email us at:
Tyson Tripcony, Managing Director: tyson@fuelyourlife.com.au
Kathi Sharpe-Ross, CEO & President of THE SHARPE ALLIANCE: kathi@sharpealliance.com