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You need to shake things up in order to build the greatest dietitian organisation of all-time


We are a multi-award-winning private practice dietetics company – the largest and most successful in Australia. Our team harnesses over 150 years of combined dietetics experience to develop custom nutrition solutions for a diverse range of clients and organisations.

Our success is based on constantly challenging the status quo of what is possible because that is how we drive change and lead and inspire the future of dietetics.


Change is hard. That’s why the world needs an ever-evolving dietetics organisation that consistently provides inventive and result-driven care. We believe anyone can eat well and improve their health with a little help, structure and guidance.

To be clear, we’re not talking surface deep. This isn’t just about “dieting”. It’s certainly not all about losing weight, either. This is about transformation. Changing lives for the better.

Right now we’re helping humans all across Australia, but sooner than later we’re going to help the world. Our vision is to be the greatest dietetics organisation of all time, which means we need to improve and grow. Simply put,


Meet the staff

Every human is unique. That includes us and our remarkable team of unapologetic misfits, combining over 150 years of dietetics experience to provide you the care you need.

And because every person is different, they have wildly different needs, backgrounds, and personalities. That’s why our team of experts is as wonderfully diverse as the range of people we help. No matter who you work with, they’ll use their skill to treat you as a whole human.

Awards are great. Improved lives are much better.


Our Locations

We have over 250+ Fuel Your Life locations. Find the nearest one to you. Or connect with us via telehealth. 

Want to join us?

We’re a team of misfits with a common goal of helping all humans. Sound like you?

Ready to fuel your life? No time like the present.

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