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We help humans fuel their lives

We’re changing the definition of a “dietitian.”

This is not a quick fix. We put in the work and treat the whole human because everyone is capable of positive change when they have the right support. Have your cake and eat it too with our targeted nutrition strategies designed to fit into your lifestyle.


Sports Performance

We work with athletes looking to improve. We fuel performance with the right foods, the right way, at the right time. Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered.

Long-Term Health

We manage nutrition for everyone – from the womb and beyond. Good health only gets more precious. We have the expertise to help you do everything you want to do now—and keep on doing it, too!

Corporate Performance

We use targeted performance nutrition strategies to produce a healthier, more productive workforce. Because a healthy workforce is a happy workforce—and it’s good for business, too.


No other dietitian service in Australia helps as many veterans as we do. Our secret? We work with you instead of dictating to you.

Meet the Staff

Every human is unique. That includes us and our remarkable team of unapologetic misfits, combining over 150 years of dietetics experience to provide you the care you need.


Eating better can change your life. But don’t just take our word for it.

This (dietitian) is saving my life and works with my wife a lot on what foods to cook for me tin order to reach my goals.

Veteran Client

I find it very helpful to have the dietitian there to keep me motivated when I feel disheartened about not achieving goals quick enough.


She does her job really well. She is a professional, she connects with people, she understands and listens to me and what my needs are. She can also can modify. So say I have had a bad week with my mental health, she can change and modify things quite easily. She is just a fun, loving, happy person who is always joyful in what she does and puts in 100%.


I'd rather see her every week than anyone else really, haha! Personality wise she is lovely, we always have a really good laugh. Since the day she arrived I have been very pleased to welcome her into my house. As I say, she gives me lots of things to think about. She gives me recipies. I ask alot of questions and she likes that. She is just really good at what she does.


I appreciate that there is no pressure. I don’t feel like I am being judged. She listens to what you say and has really good advice and she is always willing to explain i.e. I don’t like particular foods so she'll find alternatives for me like on the spot. She will look up something similar for me that is not the same. So yea she has always been really helpful in that respect.


She is a very good communicator she makes it very easy to understand and doesn’t complicate things at all. She doesn’t hesitate to answer questions. That’s the beauty it can be overwhelming, but she simplifies it and makes it easy to understand and follow and she keeps me motivated.


I have another friend who is also having treatment and she is their dietitian too and they said she is excellent. She explains the information very well.She is very attentive and articulate.


He is very professional, knows what he is talking about and is absolutely awesome to work with. Very easy, a great bloke to talk to. Every direction he has given me to go has always been fruitful. His latest endeavor that he has got me onto now, as of his last visit, is I am now drinking the new Carlton zero alcohol beer and its awesome!


She does an amazing job. I really liked the lady I had first and I thought oh god its changed and to someone a lot younger but you know she is very good and looks at what she can do to help me improve what I am doing. So I find her very informative, very easy to talk and chat with. She is more relaxed now than the first few visits. But yea, really pleased with her. I have got into a size 12 pair of pants and I have not worn them since my 20’s-30’s.


I was hesitant to start with, but cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. I have not felt this good since 1985.

Veteran Client

We are extremely proud to be working with elite sporting clubs that support our vision of promoting health and performance through targeted nutrition strategies.


We change lives for the better.

We change lives for the better.

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