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Los Angeles Sparks

Fuel Your Life are now international, becoming the Performance Nutrition partner of the dominant WNBA organisation, the LA Sparks.  The LA Sparks are one of the founding teams of the WNBA and are celebrating their 25th season in 2021. As part of the partnership our Managing Director, Tyson Tripcony, was named the Head of Sports Nutrition for the team.

The LA Sparks are dedicated to showcasing the best female athletes from around the world on the court, which directly aligns with our values, making them the ideal choice for our first international partnership.

Elite Rugby League Teams

We have worked with some of the most prestigious and successful NRL clubs, and Fuel Your Life couldn’t be prouder to partner with those teams and support them with our experience Accredited Sports Dietitians.

In 2021 and 2022, we furthered our involvement with several Rugby League clubs and were featured on the training jerseys of several teams, while our dietitians worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the athletes are performing at their best.

Melbourne Victory

Fuel Your Life was in partnership with the Melbourne Victory W-League and A-League teams for the 2020/21 season. The Fuel Your Life brand was worn on the front of the women’s jerseys through a Minor Premiership win, with our talented dietitians providing high-performance nutrition support to their team throughout the regular season.

We were extremely proud to be a part of Melbourne Victory’s team during this successful time, and particularly platforming womens sport.

Brisbane Roar

Fuel Your Life was partnered with the Brisbane Roar A-League and W-League teams for the 2021 season. Incorporating both the women’s and men’s teams – we provided tailored high-performance nutrition programs to the athletes of both, as well as featuring our branding in the prominent front of jersey space on the women’s jersey.

Elite Netball Team

Fuel Your Life was partnered with a local elite netball team for the 2020 season.

As a national organisation, in a female-dominated industry, based in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, it was incredibly appropriate that our first major sporting partnership was with one of Australia’s premier women’s netball clubs.

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