We are a national award-winning dietitian company focused on delivering the best results for our clients.  Our dietitians have a common goal to do things differently, to do things better. We work together as a team for each client, to ensure that our clients don’t just get their dietitian’s knowledge, but also the expertise of over 150 years of combined dietetic experience. 


We have always sought to (and will forever) do what we can to support our team, ensuring we are able to maintain a solid, engaged, happy, and ever growing team that has the skills and expertise to deliver the greatest results for our clients. Although we are a national company, we always seek to engage with the local communities we work in and give back wherever we can through various initiatives. 


We are a team that thrives on growth, development and we will never settle. Fuel Your Life wants to not only impact and improve the nutrition care and support of as many people we can, in as many locations as possible but also want to push the dietetics industry forward. We want to show others what is possible, and provide opportunities for other dietitians in our industry to thrive. 


Where We Came From

Fuel Your Life was born from a single idea hatched in a tiny AirBnB in Barcelona (yes, we know that is weird) in 2016. The idea was formed with an innate drive to do better, be better and deliver better results for our clients, staff and the community.

Fuel Your Life started initially with a small team of 3 experienced practitioners from a range of backgrounds, expertise and personalities. This team shared a common goal, that aligned with improving the reputation of dietitians along with the quality and continuity of care for our clients in the community.

With the support and development of our dietitians the forefront of our business philosophy we have been able to achieve great results for our clients, and combined with the successful collaboration with other like-minded businesses across Australia have been able to grow exponentially. We are always looking for more ways to connect with more people and clients across Australia.


Throughout all of our growth we have always ensured that the small company culture that we know and love remained – a national company, with a local team feel. Fuel Your Life is now a
multi award-winning private practice dietetics company, the largest and most successful in Australia.

Where We’re Going

We know that if we stay the course, if we keep putting the work in and taking the right steps, that the opportunities we will have are endless. We see no end goal in sight. With every new team member we add, we add unique qualities and aspirations which allows our business to continue to seek new ground, to do more, to do better. 

We seek possibilities that others haven’t thought of before, or never dared to achieve, and through speed of action and our abilities to execute, we work towards achieving it. All of these things allows us to move closer to our vision to become the greatest dietetics organisation of all-time, every day.

Fuel Your Life is proud to be an Approved Registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), provider.
Fuel Your Life is currently registered to provide services under Health and Wellbeing in the Capacity Building Category. To speak with one of our dietitians about allocating funding for our services, please contact us.

DVA Health Cards (Gold and White) are accepted as payment upon a GP referral.

Whether it be for PTSD, diabetes, corporate executives, elite athletes, veterans or other, our teams aims to positively impact the physical and mental health and performance of the community. Our vision is to be the greatest dietetics organisation of all time, and this can only happen if we continue to improve the lives of each and every client we meet, as well as the lives of each other.

What We Do

Bulk-billed Veteran care*
Achieve Your goals
Utilise the most recent evidence
Home based consultations
Innovative programs
Provide ongoing support

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