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As you may know, Fuel Your Life furthered our partnership with the Melbourne Storm in 2021, transitioning from Back-Of-Jersey partner to Official Training & Dietetics Partner. Although we, as a company, already felt that our values align with the Storm’s – this new partnership would bring a further synergy between our mission and theirs and allow us to work closely with the Storm athletes from a dietetics perspective.

Here at Fuel Your Life, we’re always looking for new ground to break – so naturally, our new partnership had to come with a new place for our branding. Not just a new place for us, but a new placement that had never been seen before in an NRL jersey. With that, the all-new Front-Of-Training-Jersey placement was created for the Storm Training and Captain’s Run jerseys. Now, if you head over to Storm’s website or social media, you can see the boys wearing our logo loud-and-proud during any and all training and Captain’s Run sessions (plug!).

But that’s not what this blog is about… Some of you may know, some may not, that Fuel Your Life is a nationwide organisation based on the Sunshine Coast. So, when the Melbourne Storm announced they would be travelling to the Sunshine Coast as part of their partnership with the Sunshine Coast Council, we had a few ideas on how we could make the most of this time.

So, what have Fuel Your Life and Melbourne Storm been up to these last few weeks? Keep reading to find out.

Captain’s Run at Sunshine Coast Stadium

Of course, if Storm are going to hold an Open Captain’s Run (presented by Fuel Your Life) at Sunshine Coast Stadium, we’ve got to be there!

Thinking back, the initial announcement of our partnership with Melbourne Storm in 2020 took place at Sunshine Coast Stadium during a Captain’s Run – and it was our first look into what would be a longstanding and ever-growing arrangement.

So, to be back in the place it all started having come so far with our partnership, almost a year later, was truly special.

Tyson, FYL’s Managing Director, as well as Molly and Marz from the FYL Media Team, spent the day cheering the boys on, capturing content and sharing the day via Livestream to our Instagram audience.

It was a great day in the Sunshine Coast sun and an excellent kick-off to what would be a landslide win (44-18) against the Dragons in Magic Round the following day.

Storm V. Lightning Cook-Off

After the dust had settled from the Dragons defeat, the focus (for our team, anyway) turned to something we had been ‘cooking up’ for a little while. Now, if you think that healthy eating is hard, expensive, or inaccessible – you are flat wrong. And this is what our “Storm V. Lightning Cook-Off” intended to showcase.

Players like Cameron Munster and Felise Kaufusi gave their best ‘Salt Bae’ impressions as they threw together a couple of delicious and nutritious wraps with a BBQ, a bench and a few utensils. This message is one that is extremely important to our team, as there are so many scare tactics and so much misinformation floating around about what constitutes a healthy meal.

When it boils down to it, nutrition is colourful, it is variety, and it can come in many shapes and sizes. It all depends on who you are, what you do and what your body needs to do it. It’s worth mentioning here that even in a team sport like NRL or Netball, each player will have individual nutrition requirements – depending on position, body composition and several other factors.

A Sports Dietitian’s Role

This is where Liam – one of Fuel Your Life’s senior staff members – comes in. As an Accredited Practising Sports Dietitian, Liam ensures they are meeting their nutrition requirements, optimising their body composition for performance and ensuring they are including nutrition strategies in their injury management protocol and much more.

While the Storm has been on the Sunshine Coast, Liam has been taking advantage of the chance to check-in and see how the athletes are doing, make any tweaks to previous recommendations and answer any questions they might have. He’s also worked with all of the injured players to ensure that their nutrition is optimal for recovery and completed a round of mid-season skinfolds to continue tracking any changes in body composition – which will help ensure that all athletes reach their performance goals come season-end.

We asked Liam what he is looking forward for the rest of the season and he said, “I’m looking forward to continuing to educate the boys on the importance of nutrition for performance, helping each of them achieve their performance goal and ensure their nutrition is fine-tuned coming into finals to ensure they can play the best footy possible.”

With the boys sitting second to the top of the ladder alongside last year’s Premiership rivals Penrith Panthers (you know, the Grand Final that Storm won 😉), there is no doubt that this season is revving up to be a good one!

Now that you’ve heard the inside scoop on all things Fuel Your Life x Melbourne Storm, be sure to stay tuned for more news at this link. To find out more about what our team can do for you or your team, hit us up now.

For all corporate or sporting enquiries, email us at:
Tyson Tripcony, FYL Managing Director: tyson@fuelyourlife.com.au