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Becoming Melbourne Victory’s Club Dietitians

Picture this… You’re sitting at the Westfield W-League Grand Final. It’s full-time, the score is 0-0 and the next person to score takes home the trophy and the glory of being called the 2021 W-League Champions. For our team, this feeling was all too real as we watched our partner, Melbourne Victory play a spine-tingling game against Sydney FC at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, last Sunday.

After becoming the Club’s major front-of-jersey W-League partner and Sports Dietitians in late 2020. We were pleased to strengthen this partnership in early 2021, joining the high-performance team to become the Official Club Dietitians for both the W-League and A-League teams. Our new involvement with the teams comprised of responsibilities anywhere from planning individual meals to monitoring skinfolds and game-day support.

As stated by Fuel Your Life’s Managing Director, Tyson Tripcony, “We have been proud to support the Victory W-League both on and off the field, and outside of that, even more, proud to be the organisation putting the word “dietitians” on the front of a Grand Final-winning jersey. It’s a massive step for the industry as a whole. As someone who has played football since the age of 6, working in an industry that is 94% dominated by females, I felt a personal affinity in supporting one of Australia’s most celebrated women’s football teams.”

Key Moments On The Road

Without further ado, let us take a look at some of Fuel Your Life’s favourite moments from the Westfield W-League Premiership, this season.

Round 2: Fuel Your Life Derby #1

FYL Derby – Graham Denholm/Getty Images

FULL-TIME SCORE: Victory 0-0 Roar

What could be better than one team representing the FYL branding front-of-jersey? …Two! Fuel Your Life was lucky enough to secure not one, but two partnerships in the W-League Premiership.

Melbourne Victory, facing off against our other W-League partner, Brisbane Roar, ended on a tie – demonstrating the true value of an FYL dietitian whilst on the field. This game set the tone internally too, as our nationwide team divided their support between the two, and our sports dietitians coined a bit of friendly competition between themselves.

Round 3: Victory’s Biggest Win in Melbourne Derby History

FULL-TIME SCORE: City 0-6 Victory

It was from this week onwards that the audience knew what these athletes could do, and they did not disappoint when facing long-term rivals – Melbourne City for a classic Melbourne Derby. We think that the Melbourne City girls could have benefited from having a Fuel Your Life dietitian on their side. 😉

The Victory girls had several stand-out moments in this game and after Annalie Longo and Melina Ayres set the team up with an early lead, there was only one thing left for subsequent scorers Amy Jackson, Catherine Zimmerman and Kyra Cooney-Cross to do.

Round 10: Skipper’s First Goal Of The Season

FULL-TIME SCORE: Victory 1-1 Canberra

Although ending on a tie, Victory’s Skipper Angie Beard scored her first W-League goal of the season in this match (even though Tyson has definitely let her know he thinks it was a cross :P), and well, a photo paints a thousand words… #EnoughSaid.

We’ve been extremely lucky to work especially close with Angie this season. Her composure, awareness, grit and most importantly her humility (and maybe a bit of banter) have been great to simply add to the experience we have had this year with the Melbourne Victory. So, we were just as excited as she was in the moment below!

Angie Beard – Mike Owen/Getty Images

Semi-Final: Fuel Your Life Derby (Again!)

FULL-TIME SCORE: Roar 2-6 Victory

Remember how excited we were for the Fuel Your Life Derby in Round 2? Well, multiply that by about ten thousand and you’ve got our team when we found out that the Westfield W-League Semi-Final would, in fact, be another Fuel Your Life Derby! Unfortunately, they had to meet in the Semi and not the Grand Final (which was SO CLOSE to happening), but we were proud of both sides.

With team members on both sides, there was absolutely no way that Fuel Your Life could lose this game. The stakes were higher than ever with a place in the Grand Final on the line, and in the end, Melbourne Victory took home the win. But, not before Melina Ayres scored the hat-trick that had her awarded Player of The Game.

Tyson Tripcony and Kayla Morrison at the WWL Presentation Night.

Grand Final: We Are The Champions

FULL-TIME SCORE: Sydney 0-1 Victory

At this point, the Victory W-League athletes had picked up a name as the “underdogs” of the season, which only seemed to fuel a gripping defence on the field led by Kayla Morrison who recently won the Players Player Award and Victory Medal.

As the clock reached full-time and no goals yet scored, the game went into extra time. With the entire audience edging on their seats, our own Kyra Cooney-Cross scored the winning point from within the goals – ending the game, the Grand Final and the entire W-League season.

Our Managing Director, Tyson Tripcony, was lucky enough to be at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium and shared in singing, “We Are The Champions” with the women as they celebrated their win. Skipper, Angie Beard, also made a shoutout to Fuel Your Life and Tyson during her acceptance speech and even called Tyson over to lift the trophy (video below) – a moment that he reports he will “remember forever”.

Video Credit: Fox Sports

Sharing The Club’s Success

All in all, it’s safe to say that the 2021 W-League is one that our team will recount for many years to come. We were pleased to be invited to the W-League Presentation Night for a couple of celebratory drinks and mementos from the incredible season we’ve had.

FYL’s Sports Dietitian, Liam said “Working with the Melbourne Victory girls this year has been an honour. Their professionalism, willingness to learn and constantly improve in not only their nutrition, but all aspects of their game is a testament to the ultimate success they have achieved this year. Over the course of the season, I have worked with the team to improve their day-to-day diets, implement better fuelling, recovery, hydration, and game-day nutrition strategies. The ability of the team to implement these strategies, ultimately paid off in the Grand Final, outlasting and outplaying Sydney for a full 120 minutes to take home the win.”

Tyson Tripcony, Kayla Morrison, Angie Beard, Melina Ayres and Liam Plumridge at the WWL Presentation Night

What Now?

While the Westfield W-League season has come to its close and the girls go off to continue their celebrations, the A-League season perseveres.

For more information on Fuel Your Life’s involvement with Melbourne Victory this season, check out our Melbourne Victory News page. To find out more about what our team can do for you, hit us up now.

For all B2B or sporting enquiries, email us at:
Nick Christo, Partnerships Manager: nick@fuelyourlife.com.au