Triathlon E-Book


The Fuel Your Life Triathlon E-Book (16 pages) is a collection of flavorsome, and nutritious recipes developed and tested by our Accredited Sports Dietitians.


Whether it be between two training sessions on the same day or pre and post a major event, meeting carbohydrate requirements at each main meal and snack is imperative to ensure you achieve optimal performance. On top of that, event planning, sufficient protein and nutrients at risk due to the extensive training of a triathlon athlete is crucial for performance. With this in mind, each recipe has been created and carefully analysed, with tags used to inform you of the key nutrients each meal provides.

Who are Fuel Your Life?

Fuel Your Life is a nation-wide, Australian dietetic company with a strong client-centred focus. All of our Accredited Practising Dietitians and Accredited Sports Dietitians have completed 4+ years of university study and are the experts in nutrition. Our mission is to provide inventive and result-driven care to our clients through the continuous support and development of our staff. We know that by focusing on our staff, we can better support our clients.

E-Book Contents:

  1. About Us
  2. 5x ‘Sports Dietitian-Approved’ Training Snacks Recipes
  3. 7x ‘Sports Dietitian-Approved’ Refuelling Main Meal Recipes

Every recipe is complete with serving size, preparation/cook times, cost per serve, nutrient information charts, percentage of daily targets (based on average recommended daily intake), colour coded nutrient badges that highlight benefits of each recipe and a rationale from the dietitian that created the recipe.

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