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Strengthening Our Partnership

Kenny Brommich reppin’ the 2021 Melbourne Storm training jersey

After joining forces with Melbourne Storm in late 2020, Fuel Your Life took up prime real estate as the back-of-jersey partner for the remainder of the Grand Final-winning season. Our time on the back of the coveted Storm jersey saw our branding represented through multiple crushing wins, broken records and The GOAT (Cameron Smith)’s last NRL game which was seeing him win the Grand Final. While this was a monumental achievement for our team, it was not our end goal – for what we were truly seeking was to increase our work in this space and subsequently increase the exposure for our dietitians, and the dietetics industry as a whole.

In 2021, we have taken another step towards our overarching mission, by becoming Melbourne Storm’s Official Club Dietitians and Captain’s Run partner for a further 2 years. Our branding has moved to a new home and is now featured front and centre on the Melbourne Storm training jersey and Captain’s Run jersey – a position we will hold with pride. As a multi-award-winning private practice dietetics company, and the largest of our kind in the country, we base our success on challenging the status quo and we feel our affinity with the Melbourne Storm is driven by that same organisational culture.

Pre-Season at AAMI Park

Tyson & Tyson Smoothy laughing about being Tyson’s together

As Melbourne Storm’s new Official Club Dietitians, our team spared no effort in preparing themselves for the season ahead. For Accredited Sports Dietitian, Liam and Managing Director/Sports Dietitian, Tyson, a trip from our Sunshine Coast Head Office to AAMI Park in Melbourne was top of the priorities list to touch base with the team. Prior to this though, Tyson met directly with Storm’s Head of Performance to ensure that Fuel Your Life was going to deliver exactly what the team needs and advocate heavily for the value that we as a team can provide their team.

Liam measuring Ryan Papenhuyzen’s skinfolds

This initial visit would include the collection of skin fold profiles from all of the athletes, group workshops on nutrition and supplement use and individual consultations with those who were interested in working one on one with our team.

The likes of Ryan Papenhuyzen, Nicho Hynes, Harry Grant and Co-Skipper, Dale Finucane were just a couple of the Storm athletes that Liam and Tyson engaged with during their visit.

The NRL Diet

As previously highlighted in our blog The Diet of a Professional NRL Player, there are four key elements that a dietitian focuses on when working with a professional athlete – carbohydrates, high-quality protein, healthy fats, and fruit and veg.

Dale Finucane’s consult with Liam

That being said, that information is not enough when standing alone. The true value of a sports dietitian is the knowledge and expertise in tailoring the diet to optimise performance, with consideration for the individual’s position on the field, their playing style, their body composition and their energy requirements.

Beyond that, a dietitian doesn’t JUST come into play on Game Day. Their recommendations ideally influence the athlete’s entire diet – on training and rest days alike. Nutrition is often overlooked in performance optimisation. Wrongfully so, as good nutrition not only fuels performance but helps to decrease the risk of injury, improve immunity, optimise fuelling and recovery and even improve sleep. With these key factors in mind, our team worked to develop individual meal plans and recommendations for all players, as well as providing clear advice to the team as a whole surrounding appropriate fuel choices.

The Storm Brewing

Justin Olam & Josh Addo-Carr reppin’ the 2021 Melbourne Storm Captain’s Run jersey

So, what is brewing for the Melbourne Storm in 2021? The boys have come out with a couple of ripper wins against the Roosters (20-4), the Rabbitohs (26-18), the Broncos (40-6) and the Bulldogs (52-18) and have reclaimed their place in news headlines as the team to watch out for.

If we know anything about the Melbourne Storm, it’s that they’re going to gun for that place in the Finals Series, ensuring they peak at the end of the year. Targeted nutrition strategies will go a long way in helping push the team to their success and we are so excited to be a part of it again. GO STORM!!!!!

For more information on Fuel Your Life’s involvement with Melbourne Storm in 2020 or 2021, check out our Melbourne Storm News page. To find out more about what our team can do for you, hit us up now.

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