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So you want to lose weight hey? All you have to do is follow a few steps to your new fad diet and you will be on the road to success.

1. Pick a catchy name
Use the template ‘The ____ Diet’ and fill in the blank with your choice.

2. Make a claim to fame –
Is your diet going to make you lose weight in a day or reduce your body fat by 10% each week? The world is your oyster (but not really because you can’t eat those in this diet).

3. Cut out a food group
Obviously, how else will you lose all that weight?

4. Use science
Everyone listens to science, so add in big fancy words. We like antioxidants and toxins.

Social media is a good tool, so get on Snapchat and send a story to all your followers on this amazing lifestyle change and how you’ve lost 5kg in three days.

6. Abandon your diet
Go back to Step 1 and start again – we’d hate for it to get too mainstream.

We’re only joking, of course. A fad weight loss diet is any that promises weight loss without science backing it up. These diets are often seen to eliminate food groups, for example carbohydrates, which result in missing important nutrients from your diet. While you may lose weight quickly when following a fad diet, it is difficult to sustain the loss and can cause future health problems.  Fad diets often encourage a short-term change in eating behaviour, rather than encouraging long-term changes that are sustainable. It is essential that any diet meets nutritional needs, is practical and suitable for each individuals lifestyles.

This is where we come in, as we would recommend coming in to see one of our Dietitians who can help you let go of your fad diet and create a balanced eating plan that can be sustainable over the long term, as well as including exercise into your weekly routine!