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We’ve all had those days when you just can’t stop eating, right? Or those days when you eat so much that by night time, you are just feeling sick and tired? In this blog, we break down eating for fullness, or basically, how to stop your tummy rumbling!

Having breakfast, second breakfast (like a hobbit), a snack with your morning coffee, lunch, an afternoon pick-me-up, dinner and even dessert. Maybe a few more snacks in between if you are sitting at your desk feeling like the day is dragging. More often than not we reach for foods and snacks that are higher in sugar and fat, and lower in the nutrients we need from our foods. This type of snacking and eating can easily lead to weight gain if you are not careful.

While it is easy to choose the popular appetite-squashing teas or concoctions that you see the Kardashian’s using on Instagram (so it means that they must actually work and definitely worth the money right?), turn to real food instead. I know I have just said that eating too much causes weight gain, but in actual fact eating can help to change your appetite, as long as you are choosing foods that will help to keep you fuller for longer.

My quick tips are to:

  • Aim to eat fibre with every meal; this includes adding vegetables and fruit into your meals or swapping white rice/bread/pasta for a brown or wholemeal alternative.
  • Up your protein intake; as protein has been found to make us fuller for longer. This could mean having fish or chicken with your salad at lunch or having some yoghurt as a morning snack.
  • Try and be snack smart. It is okay to snack during the day, but aim to choose more substantial options such as roasted nuts, Greek yoghurt, a piece of fruit or peanut/almond butter on rice cakes.
  • Remember to drink water throughout the day as sometimes we may not even be hungry, just a bit dehydrated. Keeping a water bottle with you or on your desk is an excellent visual reminder to drink that H2O!

While I know we all want to be a Kardashian, sometimes you’ve just got to eat real, wholesome foods you know?

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