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Put your trust in our diabetes dietitians across Australia

One person is diagnosed with diabetes every 5 minutes, totalling 280 new people diagnosed with this condition every day. While there are approximately 1.7 million people in Australia that have diagnosed diabetes, there are unfortunately many more that do not know they have the disease. Here at Fuel Your Life we aim to help as many people as possible manage and prevent this condition through our personalised diabetes meal plans.

Our team of diabetes dietitians are passionate about using the latest research to develop innovative, effective approaches that actually work. Offering a high level of support and guidance in the process, our clients have seen amazing results under the care of our diabetes dietitians.

We find the right diabetes diet for your needs

Knowing what type of diet and lifestyle can help in the prevention and management of diabetes is essential for those who are at risk of this condition. Research has found that reducing energy intake and stimulating muscles through aerobic and resistance exercise can lower blood glucose levels and improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. There are several ways to manage diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes but our team use their extensive knowledge and experience to develop personalised diabetes meal plans that cater to your particular needs and lifestyle.

In addition to the correct nutrition advice for diabetes management, exercise physiologists are well aware of the importance of not only aerobic exercise but also resistance training when it comes to diabetes management. Most programs available are generic in nature and are not individually tailored to each client. This is where we come in; our network of exercise specialists together with our dietitians can better manage your health and put you on the right path to sustainable results.

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