Diabetes Diet

One person is diagnosed with diabetes every 5 minutes, totaling 280 new people every day. Approximately 1.7 million people in Australia have diagnosed diabetes and there are many more that do not know they have the disease. It is a silent pandemic but can be reversible with diabetes diet and exercise. Research has documented that reducing energy intake and stimulating muscles through aerobic and resistance exercise can lower blood glucose levels and improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

There are many approaches to reducing the energy density of the diabetes diet, and our dietitians know how to navigate the research and decide on the most appropriate approach for you. Exercise physiologists are well aware of the importance of not only aerobic exercise but also weight resistance training when it comes to diabetes diet management. Most programs available are not individually tailored nor do trainers have the knowledge about the appropriate management of health conditions such as diabetes. This is where these exercise specialists together with our dietitians can better manage your health and put you on the right path to sustainable health.

Diabetes diet - Fuel your life