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Joining the Roar High-Performance Team

Kaitlyn Torpey & Georgie Worth with Peta Cullis, Director of Dietetics

When Fuel Your Life announced its partnership with Brisbane Roar, we knew that doubling our involvement in the Westfield W-League would create an action-packed year for our team. It started on a high note, but as we’d come to learn, our bayside jersey-reveal with Kaitlyn Torpey and Georgie Worth (plus Sam Mac and the Channel 7 Sunrise weather crew) at the Redcliffe Jetty was just the beginning.

Rebekka & Stanley the Bichoodle

On paper, our partnership with Brisbane Roar would include the front-of-jersey space for the W-League, and the title of Exclusive and Official Dietitian Partner. But in reality, this partnership was so much more for our organisation. Before we knew it, Roary the Lion was a familiar face, and we were dressing our pets in Roar merchandise, attending ‘golf days’ with the corporate team and cheering along as they smashed 5 wins in a row.

That being said, no one in our team was more enthusiastic than our Managing Director, Tyson Tripcony and Sports Dietitian, Rebekka Frazer.

Tyson summed it up perfectly when he said, “We’re excited to utilise our skills to improve athletic and mental performance of the Roar athletes. As an organisation, we’re passionate about constant growth and striving to be the best we can be – professionally and personally. Brisbane Roar shares this passion, making their W-League and A-League teams a great fit for our practitioners.”

A Roar-ing Season with FYL

If you’re a Brisbane Roar fan, we don’t need to tell you just how hair-raising this season was for the W-League athletes… But for the sake of all the laypeople in the audience, let’s break it down.

Round 2: Fuel Your Life Derby #1

Kyra Cooney-Cross & Winonah Heatley [Photo: Kyoko. K]

FULL-TIME SCORE Victory 0-0 Roar

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we knew that doubling our involvement would create an action-packed year for our team, little did we know that the action would kick off in Round 2 with a Fuel Your Life Derby between our two W-League partners. This game between Brisbane Roar and Melbourne Victory ended in a tie, highlighting the true value of a Fuel Your Life dietitian.

Internally, this match sparked a friendly competition that would carry through to the end of the season… But we’ll get to that later. 😉

Round 5: Fuel Your Life Derby #2

FULL-TIME SCORE: Roar 6-0 Victory

Rebekka (third from the right) field-side for Brisbane Roar W-League [Photo: Kyoko. K]

The Brisbane Roar women are pretty well-known as a force to be reckoned with, and this game showed that they do not mess around on the field. In a home game set up late on a Friday night, the Brisbane Roar women snagged a two-goal lead at half-time thanks to Mariel Hecher and Tameka Yallop, only for Sharn Freier, Emily Gielnik (x2) and Winonah Heatley to secure another four points by full-time.

By this point in the season, Rebekka (pictured third from the right) had already spent a number of days with the athletes consulting them around nutrition, watching training sessions and developing individual meal plans. To our delight, the response from the Brisbane Roar W-League squad was tremendous – and we matched their engagement by being on hand at games, training and via phone, always.

Round 9: 5 in a Row!

FULL-TIME SCORE: Roar 4-0 Glory

Flashing forward five weeks, the Brisbane Roar Women absolutely on fire – securing their fifth win in a row against Perth Glory. This game saw the return of Larissa Crummer, a well-known Matilda’s player and previous Brisbane Roar W-League teammate. However, that was not the only reason it was a special game.

We’ve already mentioned that Rebekka had been on hand at every training or game day, and after this game, we had the photos to prove it. She arrived at FYL’s Sunshine Coast Head Office on Monday, very pleased to report that not only had she been invited into “the huddle” after the game, but that the image below (where she can be seen to the right of Kim Carroll – Number 7) had made an appearance on the Brisbane Roar Women’s social media.

Brisbane Roar Post-Game Huddle [Photo: Kyoko. K]

On the field, nobody was shocked to see Gielnik leading the team’s offence, scoring two out of the four goals recorded. Between Gielnik, Crummer and Liv Chance (who was awarded Player Of The Game), Perth Glory had a task on their hands… and the rest was history.

End of Regular Season & Gielnik’s Golden Boot

Clare Polkinghorne & Emily Gielnik [Photo: Kyoko. K]

As the regular season came to it’s close, Brisbane Roar Women were set to bid farewell to two key players. The previously mentioned Skipper, Clare Polkinghorne and goal-scoring assassin, Emily Gielnik. The two would be departing to represent The Matildas in Europe, then to continue on playing within major European squads. We were extremely honoured to have worked with them both before their relocation.

As you may have noticed throughout this blog, Emily Gielnik’s boot was responsible for many of Brisbane Roar’s wins – so there was no doubt it was well-deserved when the Westfield W-League awarded her the Golden Boot Winner for a massive 13 goals throughout 2021.

During the 12-week season, FYL’s Rebekka had a large involvement with Gielnik and played a hand in fuelling and monitoring her progress through additional training requirements. Much like Polkinghorne’s 150th game, we felt a personal achievement knowing that our team member had played a hand in the success AND that Gielnik had achieved this while reppin’ the FYL branding on her jersey.

Semi-Final: Fuel Your Life Derby (Again!)

FULL-TIME SCORE: Roar 2-6 Victory

Tameka Yallop & Lisa De Vanna [Photo: Kyoko. K]

When the Semi-Final rolled around, Brisbane Roar Women were sitting second on the ladder with 25 points in total. We’re sure you can imagine the team reaction when we realised that the first Semi-Final round would be another Fuel Your Life Derby. Though we shouldn’t have been that surprised – we knew just how dedicated both sides were so, it only made sense that they’d meet in the Semi-Final.

For Brisbane Roar, placing second on the ladder entitled them to a home-game Semi-Final, which took place at Lions Stadium. Although this meant that only one of our teams would go through to the Grand Final, our nationwide crew could not contain their enthusiasm. That friendly competition we spoke about earlier was now a fully-fledged rivalry (in the best way possible) and there was some definite in-house bragging rights riding on the outcome of this match.

Gauntlets were thrown as Brisbane Roar let Melbourne Victory know that they “liked [their] sponsor, but it looks better in orange,” via social media.

Chance and Yallop went on to score with the assistance of Young Footballer of The Year Nominee, Jamilla Rankin, and in the end, this would be the last match Brisbane Roar Women would play in 2021. An extraordinary match it was, after a season that had our entire team awestruck and pleading to see more.

Despite this being the last field moments for these athletes, congratulations and celebrations ensued – highlighting the remarkable sportsmanship of the Brisbane Roar Women.

What Now?

Rebekka Pre-Game in Roar Dressing Room

With the W-League season closed, our focus will turn to the remaining weeks of the A-League season, and to further pastures for our team – but not before we sat down with Rebekka and asked her to tell us about her experience with the Brisbane Roar Women this season.

She said, “I am incredibly proud of what the Brisbane Roar W-league team has been able to achieve this season and am above all very privileged to have been able to work with such a dedicated and professional team.

Most of these girls work and/or study full time on top of a professional career in sport. A big part of my role as the club Sports Dietitian this season has been ensuring each and every player has not only optimised their diet to support performance outcomes but also been ticking all the boxes from a nutrition standpoint on a day-to-day basis.

We made it to the final series and ended up sitting second on the ladder, which is a testament to the team’s ability to implement these nutrition strategies but also dedication to all aspects of what it means to be a professional athlete.”

And there you have it!

For more information on Fuel Your Life’s involvement with Brisbane Roar in 2021, check out our Brisbane Roar News page. To find out more about what our team can do for you, hit us up now.

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