Jelly is Not Food – Supporting Cancer Patients Through Nutrition

Kee-Moh Snacks x Fuel Your Life

Fuel Your Life is more than just helping clients. Our team of Accredited Practising Dietitians are passionate about serving the greater community through education about good nutrition and awareness of the positive health implications that prioritising your nutrition can bring. It is because of this, that we are pleased to announce our Director of Dietetics, Peta Cullis’ recent collaboration with Kee-moh Snacks to produce a chapter for the recent publication of their cookbook, “Jelly Is Not Food”.

Jelly Is Not Food offers an understanding perspective and actionable advice for those who are suffering from cancer and experiencing the state of poor health and malnutrition that cancer treatments including chemotherapy, hormone therapy and stem cell transplant can cause. Written and produced by cancer survivor Alexandra “Alyx” Stewart, Jelly Is Not Food comes following the authors own struggle with treatment-related malnutrition – a side effect that 85% of cancer patients experience (Kee-moh Snacks, 2020). Taking an inside look into nutrition during treatment, the cookbook intends to return joy into the lives of those suffering appetite-related side effects by providing families with the tools to bring them back to the table again.

Jelly is Not Food Cookbook Coverpage After an ongoing conversation between Kee-moh Snacks and Fuel Your Life, Peta was able to provide her clinical expertise to Alyx and her team by writing the chapter Maintaining Nutrition During Cancer Treatment, which aims to highlight the importance of managing nutrition and provide a breakdown of the common side-effects associated with cancer treatment (including food-based strategies for managing each of them). With 1 in 2 Australian’s being diagnosed with a type of cancer before the age of 85 (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2019), Kee-moh Snacks’ mission to prevent cancer-related malnutrition is a huge step in the direction of not only the improved treatment of cancer but also plays a role in highlighting the importance of diet and dietetics in the community.

Want to Know More?

Jelly Is Not Food is available via Kee-moh Snacks website at this link now! Find out more about Alyx Stewart via her website or Instagram.

Here at Fuel Your Life, Peta is our Head of Dietetics and Senior Accredited Practising Dietitian with additional expertise in Child & Adolescent Nutrition and Feeding Therapy, Food Allergy & Intolerances, Diabetes and Weight Management. For more on Peta Cullis, check out her LinkedIn page at this link or for help with your own diet plan during treatment, get in touch with us at Fuel Your Life right away!

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