The Dangers of the Vegan Diet


…if not done properly

DISCLAIMER: We are aware of and respect the personal and moral reasons for following a Vegan Diet. The purpose of this article is to show how Vegan Diets CAN negatively impact our health, if not undertaken with care.

The popularity of the Vegan Diet is showing no signs of slowing down, some may be doing it as a stand against animal cruelty, or environmental reasons, whereas others are adopting veganism as part of a “healthy” lifestyle… but is it?

One of the major dangers is the increased risk of nutrient deficiencies.

When ALL animal products are suddenly cut from the diet, it’s very common for people to develop nutrient deficiencies. Most commonly in protein, iron and vitamin B12 leading to symptoms such as fatigue, loss of muscle, depression and skin problems.

The problem with trendy diets like this, is that they are often followed on a whim with little to no research. Not everyone is going to know how to follow the diet to a tee like the mainstay vegans, and even some of them will admit that they haven’t always got it right.


In a recent study published in the European Medical Journal, researchers investigated whether a vegan diet is linked to increased risks of bone fracture. A group of 78 vegans and 77 omnivores were examined through measurements in height, weight, body fat, food and supplement intake.

The study found, even with supplementation at the dosages used by the participants in this study, vegans still had lower levels of vitamin D and calcium than the omnivores – suggesting that the supplements were not a fitting replacement for food. Furthermore, bone analysis revealed that the bone density of the vegan group was lower than the omnivore group.

The findings suggest that excluding animal foods can lead to significant changes in bone metabolism and turnover – even with supplementation at common dosages, thus increasing the risk of breakage and serious conditions like osteoporosis.


With the vegan diet gaining more popularity each day, it’s unsurprising that there is a lucrative market for vegan foods, veggie burgers, imitation meats and vegan nuggets for example…

– but are they good for you?

Unfortunately, some of these foods are often LOADED with sodium, which is often a ploy by the manufacturer to try and improve the taste – read the label, if there’s 400mg of sodium or more per serving, RUN.

In addition to sodium, you also need to mindful of artificial ingredients, processed oils and preservatives – ALOT of preservatives will often mean there is barely any nutrients that vegans actually need (protein, iron, vitamin b12, etc.).

Look at this way, who’s healthier? The vegan ordering in crispy tofu every night, or the omnivore enjoying a piece of lean chicken breast?

If you really are serious about a Vegan Diet, get in touch with us today so we can ensure that you experience none of the problems listed above. In fact, Vegan Diets are also known to provide some health BENEFITS!

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