10 Recommendations to Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Barely a day goes by without seeing new developments in cancer prevention research, you only need to do a quick Google news search to reveal endless articles and journals on how to lower your risk of cancer – many of which are advocating entirely different treatments.

While of course this is helpful and makes for an interesting read at the very least, where does one even start when there is such an overwhelming amount of information to digest?

Fortunately, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) has just unveiled an up to date blueprint detailing 10 proven recommendations for cancer prevention to the public, see below. To add credence to the publication, the AICR stresses that all 10 of the recommendations have been meticulously researched and compiled by medical experts from all corners of the globe.

See the full infographic here:

 Key recommendations

  • Cut down on sugary/sweetened drinks/go for more water and teas
  • Increase walking and decrease sitting, aim for 150 minutes a week of being moderately active
  • Incorporate vegetables/whole grains as 2/3 of your meals/ include fish, poultry or small portions of red meat as the other 1/3

Decades of research have shown that an optimised/well-rounded diet, working together with a healthy lifestyle, makes the biggest difference when it comes to cancer prevention – rather than just relying on a single food or nutrient as a defence.

By adopting and applying these methods to your own life, you will be fortifying your body’s defences against not only many variants of cancer but also other debilitating conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Furthermore, these recommendations will also assist you in acquiring and maintaining a healthy weight, this is crucial because obesity is identified as a major contributor the development of many cancers. While you may not be able to immediately follow all 10 recommendations perfectly, at least make that a goal and work towards it over time. Make a small change today, fit 30 minutes of exercise into your day and/or switch to a lower fat/no sugar variant of one of your regular snacks for example, that is all it takes to get started on the road to cancer prevention and better health.

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