Fuel Your Life is an innovative and exciting new company providing dietitian for PTSD or in general and other allied health practitioners to clients across Australia with a current focus on the ageing population and veterans.

We identified a need to better serve the community by providing a more holistic approach to the healthcare of this population group. Together we provide a range of services with experienced clinicians from Dietitians, Diabetes Educators, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Dietitian for PTSD, and Speech Therapists. We have fostered relationships with local general practitioners, community organisations, aged care facilities, hospital networks and individuals to ensure a smooth transition of communication between the wider healthcare team.

We are currently offering these services in the comfort of the client’s homes at no extra cost as we are well aware of the burden of traveling to appointments can be. We have a range of programs that we utilise to support both the physical, mental and nutritional health of individuals and these are tailored to suit each person’s lifestyle and goals.

Dietititan for PTSD - Fuel Your Life

Our dietitian for PTSD, diabetes, cancer treatment, heart disease, veteran nutrition and all things health aims for the greater health of the community. We have made our clients’ better health our main goal and to help improve their lives.


What We Do

Bulk-billed Veteran care*

Home based consultations

Achieve Your goals

Innovative programs

Utilise the most recent evidence

Provide ongoing support

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